The student is the primary focus of Mooreville High School:

 • Student Development

 • Student Participation

 • Student Safety

 • Student Achievement

 • Student Success

Our goal is to foster students who exceed expectations in the classrooms, the playing fields, concert halls, and communities who then continue to exceed expectations in colleges and careers.

Mooreville High School is a 9th-12th grade school which operates within the Lee County School District and is located in the rural northeastern area of Lee County. MHS is a Mississippi Department of Education "B" rated school. Over the past couple of years, we have added to our curriculum and challenged our students by partnering with Itawamba Community College to add dual credit classes to our course offerings. We have also offered more bridge classes to our students to help prepare them for colleges and careers.

Our mostly veteran faculty is dedicated to advancing themselves professionally by continually seeking out trainings, workshops, and post-graduate degrees.

Mooreville High School:  Every student. Every Day.