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STATE TEST SCHEDULE: Please make sure your child is present on test dates.

6 GRADE                                  7 GRADE                                      8 GRADE


May 12 - Writing                      May 12 - Writing                          May 12-Writing          

May 13 - Math                         May 13 - Math                              Math 13-Math



(Subgroups and Make Ups on May 6, May 14) 


MMS Field Day - May 18.  Cost is $10 and concessions will be open for purchasing food, snacks and drinks. 

End of year report cards will be mailed.  Please send  .50 to first period teachers for mailing expense.  Thank you.


End of Year Exam schedule:

Exam schedule:
May 20 - Even class periods 2,4,6

May 21 - Odd class periods 1,3,7

May 24 testing--60% day - Early dismissal day at 1:00. 

Please make sure your child is present on all test dates. 

Have you seen our new, easy way to view school menus?

MealViewer is available on the Lee County School District website AND as a mobile app.

Along with daily breakfast and lunch menus, MealViewer also has links to a nutrition calculator and MySchoolBucks for loading money to a child's meal account.  

Try it today!  Click here for more information.